Week 2 – Big Women: Day 1 – Rubenesque (adj)

We have all seen plump women. We have all heard the debates surrounding the fat acceptance movement.  Therefore, to be able engage and identify plus-size women with appropriate neologisms, this week’s theme is ‘Big Women’!

Glorifying the Painterly Word ‘Rubenesque’ in a Big Way: 

Pear-shaped Candy Fire slunk her way up to the strip pole in a slinky, gossamer gown that revealed her rubenesque figure for the cheering crowd.

Pear-shaped (adj) – (pair-sheypt)

  1. having the shape of a pear; tapering near the top and bulging toward the base or bottom
  2. (of a vocal tone) clear, resonant, and without harshness; full-bodied

Slink (v) – (slingk)

  1. to move or go in a furtive, abject manner, as from fear, cowardice, or shame
  2. to walk or move in a slow, sinuous, provocative way

Slinky (adj) – (Sling-kee)

  1. characterized by or proceeding with slinking  or stealthy movements
  2. made of soft, often clinging material that follows the figure closely and flows with body movement

Gossamer (adj) – (gos-uh-mer)

  1. any thin, light fabric
  2. something extremely light, flimsy, or delicate

Rubenesque (adj) – (roo-beh-nesk)

  1. (of a woman) having the physique associated with Rubens’portraits of women; plump and attractive

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