Week 2 – Big Women: Day 2 – Zaftig (adj)

Great Expectations of a Voluptuous, Non-Virgin Item-Girl

After coming to a resipiscence, zaftig Sheila adopted an abstemious lifestyle with the hope that if she allows her vajayjay to fall into desuetude, her hymen will restore itself.

Voluptuous (adj) – (vuh-lup-choo-uhs)

  1. sensuously pleasing or delightful
  2. provocative and sexually alluring, especially through shapeliness or fullness
  3. disposed, devoted, or addicted to sensual indulgence or luxurious pleasures

Resipiscence (n) – (res-see-pea-sense)

  1. recognition of a past mistake and the desire to improve in the future

Zaftig (adj) – (zahf-tik)

  1. (of a woman) having a pleasantly plump figure
  2. full-bodied; well-proportioned

Abstemious (adj) – (ab-stee-mee-uhs)

  1. characterized by abstinence
  2. sparing or moderate in eating and drinking; temperate in diet

Vajayjay (n) – (vah-jey-jey)

  1. (slang) jocular alteration of vagina

Desuetude (n) – (des-wi-tyood)

  1. the condition or state of not being in use or practice; disuse



4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Big Women: Day 2 – Zaftig (adj)

    • I was unsure about the way that I ought to use the word ‘resipiscence’. Is it something that one ‘comes to’? There was very limited resources to help me out on this topic.

      • No, how you used it was fine. Was the right to use that type of noun in a sentence. As the definition states, “recognition of a past mistake and the desire to improve in the future.” In the sentence, you start by saying the person came to recognizing the mistake she made. It would be the same as saying she had made a realization that the previous decision/choice/action she had made was incorrect.

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