Week 2 – Big Women: Day 5 – Embonpoint (n)

Ragging on a Blimp out of his Lunch Money turns him into a Raging Bull

Chuck reached his boiling point and lashed out on his bullies for ridiculing him for his embonpoint and swindling his pockets clean during his tiffin hour.

Rag (v) – (rag)

  1. to torment with jokes; play crude practical jokes on
  2. to subject to a teasing, especially in an intense or prolonged way (often followed by on)
  3. to scold

Blimp (n) – (blimp)

  1. (slang) an obese person
  2. a person similar to the cartoon character Colonel Blimp; a pompous, reactionary British man

Bull (n) – (bool)

  1. a large, solidly built person
  2. a person who believes that market prices, especially of stocks, will increase

Embonpoint (n) – (ahn-bawn-pawn)

  1. plumpness, stoutness, especially when voluptuous

Swindle (v) – (swin-dl)

  1. to cheat (a person, business, etc.) out of money or other assets

Tiffin (n) – (tif-in)

  1. lunch

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