Week 2 – Big Women: Day 6 – Sonsy (adj)

Beyond the Star Wars and Below the Equator

Ellen walked away with a ladyboner after watching a cosplay on an intergalactic, amative tale of two sonsy, lesbian aliens exchanging holographic sexts that revealed their buxom bodies to the acute observations of the audience.

Cosplay (n) – (kos-pley)

  1. the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, especially from manga, animation, and science fiction
  2. a skit featuring these costumed characters

Intergalactic (adj) – (in-ter-guh-lak-tik)

  1. of, existing, or occurring in the space between galaxies

Amative (adj) – (am-uh-tiv)

  1. pertaining to love; amorous

Sonsy (adj) – (son-see)

  1. plump; buxom; comely; strong and healthy; robust
  2. cheerful; good-natured; agreeable
  3. lucky; fortunate; thriving

Sext (n) – (sekst)

  1. (slang) a sexual text message
  2. (slang) any electronic message with sexual content

Buxom (adj) – (buhk-suhm)

  1. (of a woman) full-bosomed; bosomy; busty; voluptous
  2. (of a woman) healthy, plump, cheerful, and lively

5 thoughts on “Week 2 – Big Women: Day 6 – Sonsy (adj)

  1. I am not sure why, but I keep hearing the opening theme music to the movie “Raising Arizona” as I read this sentence over and over. Regardless, I find this sentence very enticing.

      • You’re welcome. Pretty interesting when you had music to the sentence in your head. It really can change the meaning and feel of the sentence or the passage that you maybe reading at the time. Plus for a lot of sexual passages or sex scenes I may read or watch, I always end having that song play because people tend to take sex very seriously. It should be liberating and spontaneous. Most of the time, people view it as some orchestrated “Celebration of the Dance.” But I digress…

    • You are adorable, dear! I have indeed been taking a long respite from my blog. However, my dirty mind was feeling quite exhausted. I intend to make a reappearance soon. Then, I would happily accept your nomination and compliment. I wish you a delightful year!

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